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Location: Galt to Elk Grove, CA

Client: Union Pacific Railroad Company

Construction Value: $8 Million

Services Provided: Full Construction Management

The Fresno Subdivision track improvements consisted of building a siding track along 6 miles of the existing single mainline track, in three separate locations.  The grade for the new siding track required approximately six to eight feet of embankment, twenty to thirty feet wide from the centerline of the existing track.  Compaction of imported material and drainage for the new fill was a major concern for this operation.  The construction operation was also required several at grade crossings to be installed for the contractors haul routes, as well as permanent at grade crossings.  The track work also involved extensive switch and realignment work on the mainline.  Several structures were also built, including widening of two 100' long bridges, which consisted of driving piles and extensive concrete work for the foundations and piers.  Two 12'x12' pre-cast concrete box culverts replaced an existing bridge.  Also several smaller bridges were abandoned with CMP culverts being installed in their place.  There were also existing sewer lines that were abandoned and realigned outside of the track right of way.