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Location: San Diego, CA

Client: California Department of Transportation, Division of Engineering Services

Construction Value: $51.5 Million

Services Provided: Structures Inspection

SAI was tasked with providing structures inspection on various projects around the state.  This particular project was a three-mile long managed lanes project.  The structures portion of the project included the demolition and reconstruction of cast-in-place, pre-stressed (CIP/PS), concrete box girder bridges at three I-15 interchanges and the erection of thirteen retaining walls, two of which were tieback walls.  SAI was responsible for inspection of all aspects of the structure construction, including spread footing construction at each abutment, CIDH piles at the bents, temporary shoring installation, bent and abutment construction, falsework installation and removal, bridge soffit and lost deck grading, utility installation in various bays including installation and testing of waterline, bridge formwork, reinforcement, deck drains, concrete pours, post-tensioning, and bridge deck profilographing.