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Art Chacon  Sr. Construction Inspector

Art Chacon

Senior Construction Inspector

Education: High School Graduate                                                                                                                                                                 Licenses: ACI Grade 1 Field Testing Technician

With more than 38 years of construction inspection and administration experience on a wide range of projects, Mr. Chacon not only brings the field expertise of a savvy veteran inspector, but he also possesses the people skills of an effective contract administrator. He is well versed in reading and interpreting plans and specifications, and he has a firm understanding of common industry practices. As a consultant Assistant Resident Engineer (ARE) for Caltrans and a senior inspector for the City of Sacramento he has worked on a variety of public works projects, including major highway projects, private development and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects. He has proven that he is fully capable of handling any type of infrastructure work, from the beginning to end, or coming in midway through a project. As a construction inspector for Fresno County for 16 years he was involved with a wide variety of infrastructure construction projects. In addition, as a Consultant Inspector and Material Tester for 20 years, he was exposed to a variety of large civil projects.  Mr. Chacon has worked as an inspector on several large Caltrans projects in his consulting career. He also gained invaluable experience as a superintendent for a contractor for more than three years. He understands both sides of the fence.  Mr. Chacon takes a true ownership perspective on all the projects that he works on. He recognizes that his primary role is to assure that the project is built in accordance with the plans and specifications, done safely, and he also understands the importance of being proactive and making decisions to facilitate the work, not slow it down. Mr. Chacon works well in a team environment and is equally competent when working independently. His positive attitude and common sense approach to dealing with difficult and complex issues make him a true asset on any project. In addition, he is an excellent communicator and is well respected for his positive and professional work ethic.